Near absent representation of SCs/STs in IIT Jammu faculty

IIT Jammu
IIT Jammu

A Right to Information (RTI) query filed by the non-profit organisation Egalitarians has revealed poor representation of Bahujans in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jammu. Of the total 84 teaching faculty, only one faculty belonged to the Scheduled Tribes (STs), one to the Scheduled Castes (SCs), and 16 were from Other Backward Classes (OBCs). More than three-fourths of the faculty, that is, 66 belonged to the General Category. 

Scheduled TribesScheduled CastesOther Backward ClassesGeneral
Associate professor0014
Assistant professor111561
Category-wise distribution of IIT Jammu faculty

The reservation norm mandated by the Government of India in union government-run universities is 7.5% for the STs, 15% for the SCs, 27% for OBCs, and 10% for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs). 

Besides diversity in faculty composition, Egalitarians also sought details regarding diversity in PhD programmes. Of the 85 students enrolled for PhD, only one student belonged to the STs (1.18%), seven (8.24%) to SCs, 16 (18.8%) to OBCs, and nine students (10.6%) to EWSs.

Scheduled TribesScheduled CastesOther Backward ClassesEconomically Weaker SectionsGeneral
  Category-wise distribution of candidates in PhD admissions for 2020-21

The institute’s department-wise data also shows severe under-representation of Bahujans. Out of the total nine departments with Ph.D students, eight departments had zero ST candidates, three departments had zero SC candidates, and three departments had zero OBC candidates. 

The institute’s gender ratio is also skewed in favour of male students. In 2020-21, of the total 85 candidates enrolled for PhD admissions, only 25 (29.4%) were female. The data from previous years also shows a deficit in female candidates. In 2018-19 and 2019-20 there were only 17 (35.4%) and seven (21.8%) female candidates out of 48 and 32 respectively.

The Egalitarians in their press release condemned the IIT Jammu for the deplorable implementation of reservation and for not disclosing gender ratio in teaching faculty.

Recently, the other data queries filed by Egalitarians had also revealed severe under-representation of SC, ST, and OBC category in faculty recruitment and PhD admissions in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi.

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