Who would have done it if not him?

B R Ambedkar
B R Ambedkar

They complain, he has worked a lot for untouchables,
He gave several rights and is responsible for their uplift,
I question them today with fiery spirit and calm head,
Who would have stopped all the injustice if not Him?

He contributed his life to alleviate our melancholy,
For achieving basic human rights,
He unleashed our spirits and let our footsteps leave marks of our deeds,
He became a paragon achieving heights in education.

In the years when Dalit women were treated inappropriately,
On the demand of upper caste men,
My leader, my mentor, was engaged in bringing respect to them,
He was concerned about their dignity and grace.

He brought us the right to go in temples,
Remember, dear people, he didn’t do this to promote fraudsters and superstitions,
He did this for equality,
For letting us live like other human beings.

He not only worked for Dalits, oh people,
Go to libraries, instead of temples, to know this.
The eight-hour working day, equal wages and maternity leave,
Are some of his gifts in making India modern, democratic republic.

Bringing the message of liberty, equality and fraternity,
His victory in burning Manusmriti is still praised with respect,
The origin of all social evils was burnt,
He removed the gag of exploitation from our mouth and gave us the right to speech.

We are his children, 
Living a respectful life because of his hard work,
Babasaheb itself means—Respected Father,
He is our mentor—Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

He was the man with the strength of values and determination,
Yes, we praise him, the father of Indian Constitution,
Now that you know some of his great contributions,
Tell me people, who would have done all this, if not him?

Mrunmayee Jamdhade is an Ambedkarite poet and writer.

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